July 29-31, 2009... Centerport and Northport

We anchored for three days in Northport Harbor, spending time with family and getting to know the area. Pam and Sophie brought us lunch on the boat one day, then Pam and a friend kayaked out to see us another day. Eileen and Marvin endured perhaps the most memorable dinghy ride ever after visiting us one evening. We got into the dinghy to go back to Centerport, turned the point at Little Neck, and WHAM! Smack into the wind and waves. Patti on the bow is the first to get completely drenched. Eileen and Marvin next. John is protected in the rear. Laughing all the way to the dock we decided we were in no condition to go out to dinner, so we retreated to Anhinga and Eileen and Marvin went home to soak the salt out of their clothes. The next day the whole family got together at Skipper’s Pub for dinner and the outdoor concert in Northport. Earlier in the day we had a chance to explore Northport on foot and took advantage of 2 for 1 bread loaves at Copenhagen Bakery. Later we got in a kayak trip to Asharoken Beach and Duck Harbor. What beautiful scenery.

The last day was supposed to be our travel day to Oyster Bay, but with thunderstorms coming, we stayed put, waiting for sunshine to make our move. The sun did come out in early afternoon, so after listening to the marine weather forecast, downloading a GRIB file, and listening to the local news, we decided it was safe to get some exercise with another kayak expedition. We were wrong. We were out about half an hour when the sky got black, the wind shifted from out the of the north, and we had to fight our way through whitecaps to get across the Northport basin to Anhinga. Again completely drenched (there is a theme here...) we climbed back aboard. Guess what - the sun is supposed to come out tomorrow.

Northport Harbor: +40° 54' 48.30", -73° 22' 16.02"

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