August 6, 2009... Cold Spring Harbor

Spent an hour at the fuel dock in Oyster Bay filling up on fuel and water; set to head the short distance to Cold Spring Harbor. Found a place to anchor pretty easily...then found out why. There is nothing of any interest in Cold Spring Harbor. First - no town dock. Next - lots of antique and chachka shops, and several empty storefronts. No grocery store. So, not a very friendly stop for cruisers, especially with Oyster Bay competing right around the corner. The one saving grace to this town is the library. Fabulous and new with internet access. If you have to be in Cold Spring Harbor, at least you can read.

Cold Spring Harbor: +40° 52' 30.30", -73° 28' 42.12"

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  1. sorry to see you missed the world famous Cold Sring Harbor Laboratory and the extremely informative and exciting DNA Learning Center. really worth a trip back and the Cold Spring Harbor delli makes the best sandwiches.