August 20-22, 2009... Still in Essex

We have become a tourist attraction in the Connecticut River opposite Essex. Nobody else anchors here - certainly not for a week at a time. So, we get passing gawkers - both sail and power - trying to figure out why we’re here.

Everybody we’ve met in Essex has been really nice and helpful. Today, at the advice of one friendly person, we visited a local laundromat. Ah, the cruising life. Though we have a Wonder Washer, we needed industrial strength machines to wash our bedding and towels. So, here’s the process. Load large bags and detergent and books to read into the dinghy. Drive the dinghy to the dock and tie up. Unload and walk about a mile, each carrying a very large bag. Get to the laundromat and make lots of change for the machines. Wash. Dry. Reverse the process. Nobody ever writes articles about this in the magazines that show all that turquoise water in the tropics!!

Next - we stopped worrying about Bill. He is now downgraded to a tropical storm and isn’t expected to hit land in the U.S. And, since we are inland, no issues for us.

Last, but certainly not least, the shipyard that will be fixing our windlass loaned us a truck so that we could go pick up our windlass that arrived last night from California!! Yay!! Looks like Monday is installation day.

Oh yeah, we’ve been able to get more kayaking in and seen some beautiful places. Also, visited the Connecticut River Museum, which is done very well. Good exhibits, good location. We actually learned something.

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