August 14-16, 2009... Thimble Islands

Friday... The exploration of the Thimble Islands began today by kayak, a short one-mile run from Joshua Cove. It is difficult not to ooh and ah over the sights. These islands, of pink granite rock, are mostly very small - some with only one house on them. Each one prettier than the last. We had a wonderful three-hour kayak trip through the islands, identifying the ten that were bought by a woman for over $30M. Back to Anhinga to rest our muscles - tomorrow we go back by dinghy to take some photos.

Saturday... Back to the islands in the dinghy (with Patti, novice dinghy driver at the tiller) so that John could get some photos. Again, a beautiful trip through a magical place. Afterwards, over to Stoney Creek, the town nearest the islands for lunch at Creekers and some off-the-boat time. The trip through the mooring field in the harbor was new and different for us. The small boats are moored to long sticks circled by tires that go up and down with the tides. Makes the harbor look a little strange. More boats in the vicinity today - raft-ups in the channels through the Thimbles. Glad we didn’t anchor there.

Sunday... Cousins Joel and Sarah met us in Stoney Creek today and came out for a spin through the Thimbles - then back to Anhinga for some catching up. A little excitement as we wended our way through the islands -- we hit a submerged rock and dinged our dinghy prop a tad. In any case, it was really nice to see them though we are sure we bored them to tears with stories of living on board. They look great - married life seems to agree with them!

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