August 26, 2009... Back to Long Island

Based on the weather forecast we left Essex expecting a smooth sail to the North Fork of Long Island. We were no further than the mouth of the Connecticut River when we had white caps on the water. Out in the Sound, big rollers and a fairly strong wind -- not so smooth. But, we put up the staysail (our new favorite sail) and reefed the main and away we went. Sailed to and through Plum Gut (a little scary with the current channeled there) and across Gardiners Bay. The apparent wind sometimes hit 26 knots. The wind is forecast to be from the west tonight turning to the northwest and north for the next three days, so we decided to anchor in Smith Cove on the south shore of Shelter Island. Anchor down, the new windlass works!

Shelter Island: +41° 3' 1.50", -72° 18' 40.02"

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