July 28, 2009... Welcome to Centerport!

Left anchor in Manhasset Bay this morning hoping to take advantage of the promised south winds that would take us east through the Long Island Sound to Centerport. Oh well. The winds were out of the northeast. Not horrible, just not what we expected. So, we tacked our way east by crossing the Sound. Actually pretty cool. And the scenery is beautiful. Hempstead Bay, Oyster Bay... running out of time... so the motor goes on and we motorsail the rest of the way to Huntington Bay and anchor in Northport Harbor. (BTW, the south winds appear at about 3pm...) Dinghy over to Centerport to be welcomed by Cousins Pam and Joe and Sophie and Aunt Eileen and Uncle Marvin! Terrific to see everyone, sitting on the beach and just passing the time. Nightfall and back to Anhinga. More family time tomorrow.


  1. no plot points for your past two anchorages?

  2. Great to see you guys! We are much honored that you stopped by on your awesome adventure. We are looking forward to sharing some local Centerport/ Northport fare. Maybe stop in at Gunther's of Northport - a former stomping ground of "Jack Kerouac".... One look at Gunthers and we know why it was called the "beat" generation. (G)

    Love Pam, Joe & Sophie