August 30, 2009... Sag Harbor

Just a 3-mile jaunt across the water, we motored over to Sag Harbor as soon as the fog lifted. We found a place to anchor outside the breakwater not too far from the harbor itself. There are some really BIG yachts here. Not the least of which is the one with the helicopter on the back. And, some pretty sizable sailboats too. The one we anchored next to must be at least 80 feet long. By 1PM we were ready to get off the boat and explore Sag Harbor. Found the town dock, tied up the dinghy, got a town map and other information and set out. What a great town! Not just a tourist town - there is a hardware store, a grocery, a laundromat, and other places. (We got some tuna steak to barbeque tonight.) We will take the camera tomorrow to get some pictures of the town buildings - lots of old homes from the 19th century whaling days, old cemetery, and whaling church (in Egyptian Revival style - this cannot be believed...) The church is still in use and serves three different congregations - including the Conservative Jewish community. The sun came out about 3PM - what a difference that makes! Back to Anhinga. Can’t wait to see more of this place tomorrow.

Sag Harbor: +41° 0' 27.48", -72° 16' 46.62"

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