August 13, 2009... Joshua Cove, CT

Today is our one-month anniversary on the hook - we haven’t been in a marina since leaving our dock in Eastport, MD. Well, we weathered the foul weather overnight and soldiered on to Joshua Cove, just north of Sachem Head and east of the Thimble Islands. While the sky didn’t seem to want to clear, and we wondered if the sun would ever make an appearance, we anchored and decided to go kayaking. What a beautiful place. And so different from Long Island. The shoreline is primarily made of huge boulders and the houses built above and into them are set to enjoy the water. Instead of floating docks, most people in Joshua Cove keep their boats either on mooring balls or on a clothesline-type contraption that they can pull into shore to get to the boats. Really ingenious and able to handle the 6+ foot tides. A really big stone house on Uncas Point had visitors arrive by helicopter as we were kayaking by. Guess that’s how the other half lives. The vista from our boat is huge and magnificent. We look right into the Sound or over to the Thimbles. A hint of Long Island is visible towards the east. Happy to be here! (And, the sun came out late this afternoon.)

Joshua Cove: +41° 15' 14.94", -72° 43' 4.32"
* approximate times

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