August 27-29, 2009... Shelter Island

After our first day at Shelter Island (which we explored by kayak, dinghy, and with a short walk) we had rain. And more rain. And the threat of another hurricane (soon downgraded to a tropical storm, then a tropical depression, thankfully.) So, we took the wet weather as an opportunity to hunker down, stay on the boat, and just read and putter about. About the only interesting thing to happen in that time was that we were adopted by a particular seagull who really liked the Rifka-Itzy dinghy and wanted to call it home. We would get out there and squawk at it to make it go away every once in a while. Wearing long sleeves, pants, and jackets, we wondered if Fall had come to the Northeast. We decided to try Sag Harbor when the weather cleared.

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