August 12, 2009... Hello Connecticut

Today’s plan was to leave Long Island and get to either the Thimble Islands or Joshua Cove in Connecticut. We had so-so winds, but we did manage a fabulous NE run heading out of Port Jefferson towards New Haven. Tacked south, then NE again, closing in on our destination. One more set of tacks and we figured we were golden. Well, until we noticed we lost all our speed on the last NE run. Turned on the engine, and even with that, we weren’t moving well. And the rudder was getting difficult to turn. John’s solution was to jump overboard in the middle of the Long Island Sound and investigate. Patti’s idea was to cross back to the breakwater at New Haven, anchor, and then start investigating where the seas were not 2-4 feet. (So that’s what we did.) John got all dolled up in neoprene and a snorkel mask, armed with sharp weaponry, and over the side he went, while held by a harness and tether. Found out that we had snagged a lobster pot and its float and line were stuck in the rudder. After freeing the pot, it took John at least an hour and two dives to get the float and the line free. But, finally he was successful. Exhausted, we decided to spend the night behind the breakwater and head out to our original destination tomorrow. And no, we didn’t keep the lobster pot or its contents!

New Haven: +41° 13' 35.76", -72° 56' 8.70"

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  1. do you have plans to stop in groton and tour some submarines? also visit your buddy, ex-Gov. Roland in prison? ;-)