August 31-September 2, 2009... Summer’s Last Week

We are still in Sag Harbor enjoying this town, though we were challenged by one night’s high winds and swells in the anchorage, and then by the cold! We have worn long pants and long sleeves this week (Patti even wore neoprene to kayak one day.) But we have had a great time doing touristy things like visiting the Whaling Museum and other things like buying tomatoes from the lady at the end of Main Street. But the most unique activity was attending the last Sag Harbor Community Band concert outside the American Legion Hall. This band has been playing outdoor free concerts for 52 summers. We took our beach chairs in the dinghy and set up like the rest of town to listen. Cold, but fun! Today (a warmer day) we did a marathon kayak from our boat to the nature preserve at Mashomack Point on Shelter Island, over to the abandoned lighthouse at Cedar Point, circumnavigated Northwest Harbor for some mansion gawking, around the sand cliff at Barcelona Point, and finally back to Anhinga - a good 7-8 miles. Tonight we barbeque again as we watch all the crewed mega-sailboats come into the anchorage. Most of them seem to be flagged in the Cayman Islands. Hmmmm.


  1. John and Patti,

    Enjoying the recount of your adventures. Keep 'em coming.

    Reggie Sterns

  2. Hey Guys-
    If I didn't know you were having so much fun might sound like work! Great photos, great log entries. Keep on sailing!