October 5-17, 2009... Annapolis Pause

Two weeks in Annapolis have been great, except that an early winter seems to have arrived in the Chesapeake Bay. For three days we have had temperatures in the 40s, 20 degrees lower than normal. And rain. A weather pattern more typical of December. All we want to do is go south! While here we fixed all our shakedown damage and bought charts and cruising guides for the Bahamas. (Did we mention it is cold here?)

We were also able to see John III, Alejandra and Sarah while they were here from Florida and gave them a taste of the cruising life. Sarah is very cute and didn’t mind the wet dinghy ride at all. Jay came to see us a couple of times and helped with electrical work on the boat. Who knows? Maybe a new profession for him! He also brought us a car that we used to full advantage to do shore chores. Karen and Ronnie rescued us from hibernation on the boat and took us out to eat at a warm Italian restaurant. Don and Bob from our old dock stopped by to visit - they were surprised that we arrived safely and lived to tell the tales of our adventures! It was great to see them. Over and over again while we were out, we put to use lessons from these guys that they taught us in early summer.

We didn’t go to the boat show, but took advantage of the seminars associated with the show. And of course went to the boat show bash at the Eastport Yacht Club to dance to the Tiki Barbarians. Great time!

We have been watching the weather patterns to determine our course south of Norfolk. Our current plan is to take the ICW to Beaufort, NC and go outside to Florida after that. But first...we have to leave Annapolis. Go day looks like Monday. We will try for a stop on the Potomac first night, then Deltaville, then Norfolk. Then warm weather!


  1. Sorry we weren't able to get togetehr while you were here. Smooth sailing south. Wish I was going with you definetly don't like this early wintery weather stuff here in northern VA.


  2. John and Patti,
    My best to you both. I think of you often while at DHS. Things are moving right along. You may have already heard, but Bart Johnson is setting up a Joint Fusion Center that will report directly to him. Plans to pull elements from across DHS. We are trucking right along!
    Smooth sailing and have a blast!
    Sharon Guenterberg