October 26, 2009... No Room in the Inn

Today we thought we would laze the morning away and take the short 8-mile run to Oriental and anchor there around noon. However, when we got to Oriental we saw that the harbor was full (with only 4 boats - very small) and we heard on the radio that the marinas were full. So, with much of the day left we decided to head over to Adams Creek and anchor in Cedar Creek. The weather today was pretty horrible - overcast, gloomy, rainy and windy, so we motorsailed all the way. Jib is getting a workout. With the anchor down early we planned our ocean voyage out of Beaufort. Looks like Thursday will be the right day to travel. We'll keep watching the weather forecasts. Too bad no one in Oriental will be able to separate us from our money today.

Cedar Creek: +34° 56' 1.26", -76° 38' 53.34"

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