October 23, 2009... Day 2 of ICW Trek

Another early start -- out of the anchorage by 7am. Fog everywhere with a beautiful sunrise. Picked our way through (thanks to GPS) and got back into the channel. The morning was uneventful and we made lots of miles. Saw a heron. Not as much wildlife as we expected -- geese of course. We were down to Buck Island by noon and decided we could get across the Albemarle Sound without too much trouble, though we were warned off going unless it was a perfect day. The wind was on the nose as usual, so we went a little off course in order to put out the jib and motorsail -- gaining another knot. The waves kicked up as we were entering the Alligator River so we were concerned about a suitable anchorage. The best one we could find on the charts was 20 miles south. So, we challenged ourselves to a little exploration and tried the Little Alligator River. There was the dreaded ‘shoaling reported’ notation on the chart, but we slowly inched in around the mouth to get out of the wind and fetch. Found constant 7ft bottom, so we anchored. It is so quiet here. We are the only ones around. As long as we leave before duck hunting season, we’ll be ok. We counted 15 duck blinds around the shore of this river. (StM 81) Tomorrow, Pungo River.

Little Alligator River: +35° 56' 0.12", -76° 1' 30.42"

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