October 4, 2009... Home Again!

We woke up early this morning and listened to the National Weather Service to get an idea of the conditions on the Bay in order to organize an eventual return to Annapolis. (We haven’t had much luck correlating the weather forecasts with reality...but what the heck.) So, they said small craft advisories in the afternoon. We figured, we’re up, we can get in lots of miles before the afternoon - let’s go. Well, on the northern Bay, the wind kicked up out of the west by 10:30. We were roaring down the Bay at 7-8 knots (until Patti made John reef the main - twice!) But the ride was comfortable with the reefed main and the staysail - some water and spray over the side (and some down the companionway once) - but no crazy waves. Relishing every landmark (the Bay Bridge from miles away, the radio towers on Greenbury Point, the Navy Chapel) - even tearing up - we made great time and got back to Annapolis in the afternoon. There are SO MANY BOATS HERE!! Guess the Sunday before Boat Show isn’t the time to expect solitude. We headed for Weems Creek where we had a mooring available (thanks Andy!) and picked up the pennant on the first try. Yee hah! It’s sooo good to be home!

Weems Creek: +38° 59' 58.44", -76° 30' 13.74"


  1. Home are the sailors, home from the sea. Welcome home. Bill

  2. Welcome back guys. Hope we can get together before you head off to wherever you going. When you get settled dropped me an e-mail and let me know if we can work something out.