October 21, 2009... Heading for the ICW

Overslept to find everyone was gone from Fishing Bay. Oh no! Did we do something wrong in this ICW thing? Since this is our first time down the ditch, we are paranoid about every step of this process. So we hurried our morning coffee and motored out to join the armada of boats heading south. The parade stretched from horizon to horizon. We put out our jib for an assist, but as soon as we turned the corner around Gwynn Island, the wind was on the nose. So motor we did -- all the way to Norfolk. Harbingers of warmer weather were the pelicans that greeted us outside Deltaville. It was a clear, smooth trip with only one mishap. Just outside Hampton, one of the shackles on our dinghy davits failed, and our dinghy drooped. John rigged a line to hold up the dinghy, but we will have to replace the shackle soonest. (It’s always something, isn’t it?) We arrived in Norfolk just as one of the biggest container ships in the world crossed us in the inbound traffic lane. We rounded Fort Wool and went into Willoughby Bay to anchor for the night. Big place, plenty of room -- and now we know why. The Navy airplanes and helicopters fly low and run all night long. Who out there wants to know how loud a CH-53 is? Huh? I can’t hear you!! No wonder no one anchors here!

Willoughby Bay: +36° 57' 31.20", -76° 17' 45.90"

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