October 19-20, 2009... Southbound!

Departed Annapolis on another COLD morning, wearing every stitch of clothing we owned. At least the sun was shining. Sailed down the Bay for a few hours until the wind stopped. But, having had such a a good run and some settled weather, we decided to push through the night and head for Deltaville, VA (about 100 miles south where we bought Anhinga just a little over a year ago.) We encountered more commercial shipping on the Chesapeake on this trip than we did in New York harbor. Patti even had a radio conversation with the captain of a car carrier, assuring him that we would stay out the channel and let him pass. It surprised us how many ship captains called to speak to the ‘southbound sailing vessel’ and we realized it was us! The stars out over the Bay were gorgeous. Without the light pollution of land, you could see every constellation you knew and the whole Milky Way. Orion rose with our voyage and was with us all night. The weather stayed fine all the way through, but by 4am we were really starting to get cold. Listening to the marine weather we realized it was only about 40 degrees (then we felt colder.) We arrived in Deltaville just before 7am and the colors of the sunrise were beautiful. We had enough light to navigate the markers into Fishing Bay and had the anchor down by 8am. When we arrived there were about a dozen boats here. We went to sleep and got up in early afternoon and we were the only ones left. Everyone is going south. We’re writing this in the cockpit of the boat wearing shorts and tee-shirts and even sweating a little. Thinking about changing into bathing suits -- eat your hearts out northerners!

Fishing Bay, Deltaville, VA: +37° 32' 24.54", -76° 20' 7.38"

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