October 22, 2009... ICW Journey Begins

Up early and out of Willoughby Bay heading for Sewells Point and the Elizabeth River. Just as we are about to round the Point, Navy Warship 17 exited the river -- we scooted over to make room, then headed in. Lots of Navy ships, lots of container port stuff -- interesting, but not scenic. Finally we made it to the official start of the ICW - Statute Mile (StM) 0. And the wait for bridge openings begins. The ballet of boats waiting for the openings is really no fun. In the first 15 miles of the ICW, there are 9 bridges and a lock. Sometimes we hit them just right, sometimes not. At least we now have evidence that we fit under the 65’ bridges -- did 2 of those today and nothing broke off the mast. And the lock was sort of fun, though the water only dropped about a foot. The best part of the day was when we got to the North Landing River and a bald eagle buzzed our boat! It was nice to see some wildlife after trudging through all the ports, gravel pits, barges, and other industrial sites. We decided to stop early and anchor further down the river near Pungo Ferry so that we could relax with some daylight -- without the sound of the engine. It’s a pretty little place, marshland and not much else (StM 27). Tomorrow, North Carolina!

North Landing River, VA: +36° 38' 32.76", -76° 3' 31.98"

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