October 24, 2009... The Long March

he weather forecast was grim -- 20-25 knots all day and chance of showers. We had two choices: stay put in the Little Alligator and go tomorrow, or get up early and see how it seemed. Of course we chose the latter option. Out at 7am -- the wind was only 10-15 knots until about 11am and we made most of the way down the Alligator River before starting to see the 20s appear on the anemometer. We had some choppy waves until we made our turn into the Alligator River-Pungo River Canal. Some crazy gusts (one registered 33!) but with some off and on protection from trees alongside the canal, we were able to manage pretty well. It even got hot and we were both in shorts and T-shirts (yay!!) But, how boring can this be? Twenty miles in the canal, staring at the depth finder and trying to keep away from logs and stumps. And, giving way again and again to the passing power boats. One good thing, there was the smell of honeysuckle everywhere. We exited the canal into the Pungo River around 3pm and the wind smacked us in the face. Constant 20-27 knot winds had us change our plans for the rest of the day. We had planned another 15 miles to our selected anchorage, but decided we weren't up to the challenge. So, right turn into the first creek and here we are. Hope the Rocna doesn't disappoint tonight!

(StM 128) Pungo River: +35° 34' 4.20", -76° 28' 48.42"

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