October 1, 2009... Cape May, Here We Come

The day finally arrived. We were up early (John had the coffee ready so that Patti could function) and at the fuel dock by 7am. Tanks topped off, we headed out of the Absecon Inlet and back to the Atlantic. Sails up and we were on our way south. Waves were no problem, seas were only 2-3 feet as forecast by the National Weather Service. But the calmer winds promised (10 knots decreasing to 5-10) did not materialize. Again, we were out there stressing the boat and ourselves in 15 knot winds with gusts over 20. After about 4 hours of pretty good sailing (in almost the right direction) the wind finally gave it to us outside Townsend Inlet. The loop on top of the jib that holds the sail to the upper furler and forestay gave out. Nothing we could do but take the sail down. John worked on taking down the sail and getting it below for over an hour. Getting a sail that is a 60ft triangle below decks is hard work, and pretty funny to watch if you aren’t the one doing it. Once below we were able to continue on our way and finish the trip to Cape May. But we had more gymnastics in store after anchoring to get the sail somehow flaked and folded into a package that could eventually be taken off the boat for repair. Our arrival in Cape May was uneventful, but the anchorage was full. The snowbirds are all headed south, and those resting before continuing down the ICW were competing with us for space. We did find a spot though and rested too. Tomorrow, the Delaware Bay.

Cape May: +38° 57' 0.48", -74° 52' 54.36"

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