July 28 - August 1, 2010... Tobago Cays

The Cays are four small islands surrounding some of the most pristine water anywhere. A series of reefs encircles the rest of the open area making the water very calm. We spent most days kayaking from island to island to snorkel the rocks, and then dinghyed out to Horseshoe Reef to explore that. Baradel Island also has a turtle sanctuary on one side. Snorkeling there is quite a treat. There are so many turtles -- today, we saw five hawksbills all at the same time. What did we see the rest of the time? Well John saw a shark!!!! We don't know what kind -- but apparently it was VERY big. And we saw eels, trunkfish, permit fish, parrotfish, angelfish, wrasses, damselfish, surgeonfish, blue tangs, butterflyfish, grunts, sergent majors, goatfish, bonefish, trumpetfish, and a very scary-looking barracuda. (Pictures of some of which we will post when we get to civilization and internet access.)
We will be leaving Tobago Cays tomorrow, and again, are sad to go. It is really relaxing to sit in the cockpit and look out over the water; seeing turtles poking up their heads nearby. Tonight we had a beautiful sunset, hot pink and orange; a great way to finish out our visit here.

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