August 14-16, 2010... Dragon Bay, Moliniere, Grenada

Our trip from Carriacou to Grenada was pleasant and uneventful. Beautiful weather for the short trip. We picked up the Marine Park mooring in Dragon Bay just as the afternoon showers started. Always glad to be in port at that time. We stayed over in Dragon Bay for 3 nights, most of the time the only boat there. The snorkeling on the point was fun -- lots of squid -- but the truly different part was the underwater sculpture park. There are over 60 statues on the bottom in Moliniere Bay, and our challenge was finding them and then being able to hover to get a really good look. The sculptures become substrates for coral growth and attract fish. John's pictures (hopefully to be posted soon!) give you a feel for what you can see.
We also took a day to walk around the little towns that stretch along the main road here, and then took the jitney bus to St. George's -- our recon run for the next leg of our journey. The day we got to town, the rains were pretty serious, and in this town which is built on hills, it is a dramatic sight. Rivers were pouring down the hill streets, the water coming too fast for the drains to collect it. We hung out in the bus station waiting for a respite, then figured we could always eat! So off to the nearest roti shop for our dose of curry chicken and potato!
A small plug for Gibb, who has a bar at the beach in Dragon Bay. He plays fabulous music (that we could hear in the bay on the boat) and doesn't charge too much for a beer. So if you are in Dragon Bay, go ashore and meet Gibb and the locals.

Dragon Bay, Grenada: +12° 5' 8.22", -61° 45' 47.64"

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