July 27-28, 2010... The Southern Grenadines

Leaving Bequia on Tuesday was difficult. It was another place we settled into and could see staying longer. But, as the saying goes, "So many islands, so little time." Out of Admiralty Bay, sailing south. Fairly good run -- only two squalls -- into Mayreau's Salt Whistle Bay by early afternoon. Salt Whistle was a bay we had visited on charter 5 years ago. Boy, has it changed. First of all, you could hardly see the palm trees or the sand for all the power boats (at least a dozen) rafted up and med-moored along the beach. And, the catamarans! Each one takes up so much space in the anchorage. We had to wait for a boat to leave to squeeze ourselves into the bay. And then it was rolly. Not at all like the experience we had before.
So, Wednesday morning (after another squall) we upped and left for Tobago Cays -- a short 2 miles east. Tobago Cays is one of those places that helped us decide to buy a boat and cruise. It is paradise -- clear turquoise water, uninhabited islands, excellent snorkeling on the reefs. Five years ago, there were probably 50-75 boats in the anchorage. Arriving on Wednesday - maybe 25. Yay!! More room for us. The new marine park fees may be keeping boats from staying on. We think the fees are reasonable -- $10EC (or $2.67US) per person per day -- if they help to maintain the park, worth every penny.

Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau: +12° 38' 53.58", -61° 23' 31.14"
Tobago Cays: +12° 37' 48.90", -61° 21' 27.24"

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