August 19-24, 2010... Clarke’s Court Bay (Woburn Bay)

We left the rolly anchorage in St. George’s and drove smack into a squall as we approached the SW corner of Grenada.  But we saw blue sky around the bend, so soldiering on we donned raingear, cursed a lot, and turned east for Woburn Bay looking for improvement.  The wind and rain stopped, the water smoothed out, and we anchored almost at the head of the Bay opposite the marina.  No rolls!  The boat was calm and so were we.
Next day we went into the marina, arranged to dock Anhinga there while we went back to the States for a visit, got internet access, and settled into life here.  It is so nice to sit in the cockpit in the shade of the awning, listening to the music from shore, and watching the comings and goings of the boats at the town dock.  We’ve explored by water; kayaking around Hog Island and over to the next bay, learned how to get around on land by bus from Woburn, danced at the ‘Motown Hoedown,’ met some other cruisers spending months right here, and pretty much decided that the south shore of Grenada is as far as we are going this season.  
We do spend quite a bit of time following the tropical weather, making sure we can prepare should any storms come our way.  Right now Hurricane Danielle is churning in the Atlantic and another storm, likely to be named Earl today, isn’t far behind.  Looks like they will both miss the Caribbean entirely, so we lucked out again.  Hope that luck holds through September. 
Clarke’s Court Bay, Grenada:  +12° 0' 38.82", -61° 44' 12.96"

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