August 8-11, 2010... Hello Grenada!

We left Chatham for Clifton, resupplied, and cleared Customs.  What a crowded harbor!  Didn’t make us want to stay longer.  So, once we were free to go, we did.  
We headed to Carriacou, the northern island of Grenada.  There, in Hillsborough, we could clear Customs and Immigration, but it was Carnival in Grenada, official holidays, so this was going to be a long drawn-out process.  Rather than wait in the harbor at Hillsborough, we picked up a mooring at Sandy Island, part of the new Marine Park of Grenada, partially funded by USAID.  There we really enjoyed the snorkeling -- some of which compared favorably with Tobago Cays.  The variety of fish and coral was really something -- and the water was as clear as could be.  We did have a little trouble swimming against the current one day, but surfacing, we noticed that the park rangers were checking on us (old folks) to make sure we were ok!  
Clifton, Union, St. Vincent and the Grenadines:  +12° 35' 43.08", -61° 24' 42.54"
Sandy Island, Carriacou, Grenada:  +12° 29' 2.22", -61° 28' 52.50"

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