August 12-13, 2010... Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

We loved Sandy Island but thought it was time to explore more of Carriacou, so we dropped the mooring and headed around the corner to Tyrell Bay. Yikes! So crowded! So industrial! Not at all what we expected after reading the cruising guide. We found a place to anchor and lowered the kayak for the initial exploration. Best thing we found immediately was the wifi available to boats in the harbor. We must have had pent-up internet fever after 3 weeks away from it, because we spent HOURS on-line. We broke free for pizza at the Lazy Turtle, and paddled back to the boat before the skies opened big time. It was nice to be onboard for the deluge and not in the kayak. Next day we paddled into the protected mangrove area. Beautiful! Quiet! Still as could be. And huge. A good hurricane hole. Wonderful respite from the rest of Tyrell.

Tyrell Bay, Carriacou: +12° 27' 24.36", -61° 29' 17.94"

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