August 17-19, 2010... St. George’s, Grenada

Moved a couple of miles south to anchor outside the harbor of St. George’s (Martin's Bay).  First day was OK, but soon the swells and rocking got to us, and we had to leave.  Patti was getting a little too cranky after having 3 nights of interrupted or no sleep as the boat crashed around.  But while we were in St. George’s we walked all over town (in the Lagoon and Carenage as well as up the hills), shopped at the fantastic fish market and the marketing board, visited the city museum, and were sobered by the devastation still apparent from 2004‘s Hurricane Ivan.  All the historic churches on the hills were demolished, along with other buildings in town.  The views from the hilltops are phenomenal; often turning a corner takes your breath away as you get an unexpected vista of the sea or down a step street into town.  The city is bustling, business seems good, and the people we’ve met have been very friendly.
St. George’s, Grenada:   +12° 2' 25.62", -61° 45' 25.86"

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  1. John and Patti, Looks like you've just about run out of new islands to visit in this part of the world. Where to next? Your envious and adoring public wants to know! Bill H