August 4-7, 2010... Taking it Easy

Four days have passed and we slowed way down. Sitting at anchor in Chatham is fabulous. The water is flat and there is no roll. There is no town and nothing to attract lots of boats. The most boats at anchor at any one time has been 5 -- and this bay is almost a mile wide. Today we are alone here. We love sitting in the cockpit first thing in the morning and listening to the sounds of the water, the birds, and nothing else. All day we watch the turtles around the boat come up for air. They are all sizes which makes us think there is a healthy multi-age population living here. Talking with some of the locals we learned that they do nest on this beach. The fishing birds are also fun to watch -- the gulls, terns, pelicans, boobies, and frigates -- all with their own divebombing style. And of course all the small fish hiding under our boat move as one when a predator appears. They love having John down there scraping the hull -- he is providing lots of easy to get food from the muck coming off the bottom. Evening comes and the ritual of watching the sun set is wonderful now that the rainy season is hibernating and we have clear skies. And at night -- with no light pollution -- the stars are phenomenal -- best being the whole Milky Way spanning the sky from horizon to horizon. Another island paradise. We'd stay forever, but John has run out of beer. Guess we'll have to get to Clifton!

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