January 12, 2010... The Far Bahamas

Woke up this morning to great news -- the next cold front was only going to clip the northernmost part of the area and we would escape the strong winds! Off we went for the 55-mile trip to Eleuthera. We had weak winds, so motorsailing was the order of the day. We decided to anchor off Current Island and reprovision at Current Settlement. So we went through Current Cut from the north where we had a 4-knot assist through the waterway. As we were going through there were cool vortexes/eddies adding to the chop. Our anchorage tonight has the calmest water we've had since getting back on the boat in Delray Beach. We are looking forward to a beautiful sunset and a quiet night before exploring town tomorrow.
Current Island, Eleuthera: +25° 23' 12.24", -76° 47' 34.02"

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