January 15, 2010... So This is Eleuthera!

Today was Jay's last day as one of the crew of the Anhinga. So, we sketched out the day so that we could get in every last thing he wanted to do. First of all, no dilly dallying in the anchorage. We got going (on the motor, as we would have had to tack upwind all the way, and Jay had no patience for that) towards Alabaster Bay, our destination for the night. Along the way we stopped into Hatchet Bay Pond to have a look around in case we need shelter from the next front coming through. We were surprised at how few boats were there -- plenty of room if necessary. Onwards south and we saw our first Bahamian dolphin! We had wondered where all the sea life was.

Eleuthra Dolphin from Jay Swift on Vimeo.

Finally, into Alabaster Bay. We chose this place because it is right next to Governor's Harbor airport where Jay needs to fly out of in the morning.
Once anchored, we dinghyed over to Cocodimama's to ask if it is ok to bring the dinghy up there, get a table for dinner tonight, and find out about walking to airport. We found the road, walked to GHB, and asked the Bahamas Air representative about tomorrow morning's flight. The time had already changed once since making the reservation in early December, and we didn't want Jay to miss the flight because we have been out of internet and cell phone range. She told Jay to be there at 6:45am because even though the flight is scheduled for 8:10am, it may leave early!!! OK, so that means a 5:30am wake up and hitting the beach at 6:00am.
Back from the airport, we stopped at Cocodimama's for a drink on the balcony. It overlooked the Bay and our boat! What a beautiful view. The sun came out and we felt like we were finally in the Bahamas, as we were meant to experience them. The last thing on Jay's agenda for the day was to climb the mast and take some pictures. Up he went in the bosuns chair and we have the pictures. Too bad we didn't think fast enough and get some photos of him up the mast. We ended our evening over our first dinner ashore since having Jay aboard. Cocodimama's was just fabulous. We are already talking about going back sometime.
Alabaster Bay: +25° 15' 50.34", -76° 19' 15.96"

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