January 24-25, 2010... More Rock Sound

Sunday we set off for the beach on the ocean side of the island. We saw on the chart that it would be a hike, but didn't expect it to be almost 2 miles. That was really ok; it was just a little hard to find our way down to the shore from the road. When we did (with the help of a little girl who showed us how) it was high tide and the beach was only about 15 feet wide in front of the cliff. We made the best of it - we were certainly happy to lie down on the sand and hear the ocean - however the surf was huge due to the high winds and we didn't dare go into the water, let alone snorkel. When the water started lapping at our feet and we had no further up the beach to go, we started home again.
Monday, our last day in Rock Sound, we decided to re-provision at the big store. The winds were a little crazy and really churned up the water, so we decided to wait till the afternoon when reportedly they would calm down. We kayaked to the Four Points restaurant/bar that we went to on Saturday to tie up. It was so close to the store, we figured that should work out pretty well. After shopping, we stopped for a drink and our last lingering look over Rock Sound. Then into the kayak and into the wind and waves with our goodies. So, the weather forecast was wrong again - we were really up against it and got completely soaked on the way back pounding into the water. But get back we did, and we didn't even break the eggs! Tomorrow we sail for Little San Salvador.

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