January 22-23, 2010... Sailing in to Rock Sound

Friday morning we started out early to Rock Sound. The primary direction to get there was southwest. Guess which direction the wind was coming from... yup... southwest. We wanted to sail, had plenty of time to get there, so we decided to head close-hauled west and then tack for the south run down the coast. By afternoon, the wind was forecast to be more westerly, so we figured this plan should work. Not only did it work, but it was great fun! We had a real heel going that wasn't too uncomfortable and we were able to sail right up to the entrance to the Sound. Then we motored up the west side of the sound to anchor and get out of the substantial swell. But that's not all! As soon as the anchor was down, we put the kayak in the water and paddled the 2+ miles to the town across the sound. Going to town was easy and with the wind. We beached the kayak and did our walking tour through town to get the lay of the land. Then, it was time to paddle back. Not so easy. The wind was up in our faces and we were crashing down on each swell. Needless to say, we had a full body workout and got drenched. But we made it!!! Dinner certainly tasted good. Extra ration of grog for the crew!
Saturday we were up early (our body clocks are in tune with the sun... the earlier the sunrise, the earlier we are getting up). We had no big plans, but wanted to move the boat to the east side of the Sound as the winds were clocking around to the east and it would be more comfortable there later. Waited for the tide to come up then motored over anchoring in front of the beach. Kayak to the beach again. Off to the Ocean Hole -- another one of the blue holes dotting the Bahamas. Then another tour through town. This time we found the big supermarket on the outskirts of town. Fruit!! And a newspaper!! Another stop at the liquor store for Kalik. Then we stopped at a restaurant/bar on the beach to rest up and stare at the beautiful turquoise water. Met another cruising couple and shared boat stories. Back to the boat by kayak with our provisions and to read the paper from beginning to end.
Rock Sound west: +24° 51' 17.88", -76° 11' 4.44"
Rock Sound east: +24° 51' 32.04", -76° 9' 48.12"

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