January 7, 2010... Gulf Stream Crossing to The Bahamas

Well, we finally made it! After months of looking for the turquoise waters, we found them. Today we crossed from Key Biscayne to North Bimini, sailing beautifully for about half the journey. Midway the winds died down to nothing and we had to motorsail. But that's ok. And again, we had dolphins meet us as we were leaving Cape Florida. The best news was that the Gulf Stream was a total non-story. We guess that waiting for the weather window was worth it. We definitely had worse conditions on the ocean before, so this was really a breeze. With Jay spotting on the bow, we felt our way into the new dredged channel to Alice Town in North Bimini as most of the channel markers were missing. Once in, we went up the channel to anchor next to the Bimini Bay Resort Marina. Customs and immigration check-in will be tomorrow. But, this being our first foreign stop on our adventure, we made a really big deal of raising the Q flag. Grog for the crew!!

North Bimini, The Bahamas... +25° 44' 47.04", -79° 16' 55.26"

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