January 13-14, 2010... North Eleuthera

Wednesday morning dinghyed to Current Settlement. We were welcomed everywhere we went by the nicest people. Picked up a few things at the grocery store, walked through town, took Kelly up on his offer to make us a conch salad (yum!), checked email at the library (thanks Sue) and headed back to Anhinga feeling really good about our stop at Current. It was still too cold to swim and snorkel, so we took the kayak out (Patti and John) and the dinghy (Jay) and headed down to the Current Island Cove. Huge tidal flat left some starfish high and dry. We put them back in the water but not sure we made it fast enough to keep them alive. Then we had our first barbeque of 2010 adding Kelly's very very hot sauce as a seasoning on the chicken. Delicious. Very calm night -- movie and bed.
Thursday we motored to Glass Window to see the bridge over the narrowest part of Eleuthera. Quite a sight. Then we sailed down the coast to just north of Gregory Town and anchored in a beautiful cove called Annie's Bight. As soon as we were set, we dressed for town to try to have dinner on shore. Unfortunately, the restaurant we headed to wasn't cooking tonight. We stayed to chat with the owner, Eddie, and another regular, Matty. Night fell, we decided to get back to the boat, and make some dinner. A little bit rolly, but we think it will calm down.
Glass Window: +25° 25' 45.30", -76° 36' 14.58"
Annie's Bight: +25° 23' 29.52", -76° 33' 43.98"

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