January 16-17, 2010... Alabaster Bay

Saturday morning we made our beach landing at 6:00am sharp so that we could walk with Jay to the airport. Needed our flashlight to make sure we didn't get run off the road in the dark. Made it in time, only to find out the flight was delayed. Jay finally took off at about 8:40am and we walked back down the road for the return to Anhinga. We felt suddenly at loose ends -- without Jay and our itinerary we realized we were once again on our own and had NO SCHEDULE!! It took only a day to get back into cruiser mode -- something we hadn't had the luxury of since September when we lingered in Block Island.

Leaving Eleuthra from Jay Swift on Vimeo.

On Sunday we got up and kayaked south out of Alabaster Bay around the point to Billings Bay and then walked across the point to look at Holms Bay. The SW winds were blowing so the outbound crossing had been a little rough, but we were rewarded with a big push on the way back to the boat. We started some maintenance and other chores after lunch, including cleaning the boot stripe. Looks like that will take some good elbow grease; we'll have to attack that again sometime. But the deck was beckoning. The sun was out and the weather was warm, so reading and sunbathing was Patti's after chores choice. John read, but in the shade. Sunday night was a real treat. Cocodimama had a band playing, so we had drinks on the balcony and then shared a light dinner with Ilona and Vytus, who we had met a couple of days before at Glass Window. They were terrific company, the music was great, and we got to dance a little, and still made it back even though we had forgotten to leave on the anchor light and couldn't see the boat! (a real stupid people trick...) We decided to leave the next day as the winds were shifting and we no longer were in the lee in Alabaster Bay.

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