January 28-31, 2010... Exuma Islands Bound

Wednesday night was so rolly in the anchorage that we decided Thursday morning we couldn't take another night of it. So instead of spending a couple of more days in Little San Salvador as planned, we headed out back across the Exuma Sound for any ocean cut we could reach and an anchorage where we could sleep comfortably. Off we go in less than ideal wind/wave conditions and tired from no sleep; breaking all the rules of cruising. But, we made the 30+ miles across, timing our entry into Dotham Cut north of Great Guana Cay with the tide so that we wouldn't have to fight to get in. The tide gave us at least a 4-knot assist as we cruised quickly into the miracle waters of the Exuma Islands. Around the corner from the cut, we met swimming pool-like waters with barely a ripple. What a change from the roller coaster across the Sound and the anchorage of the night before. Worry evaporated and we cruised easily into the anchorage at Black Point settlement. So many boats!! More than we've seen in one place in the Bahamas since arriving -- lost count at about 25.
Friday morning (after the best night's sleep in a while) we dinghied to the town dock and started our exploration, meeting Lorraine who operates one of the restaurants in town; her mom, from whom we bought some of the best homemade bread; and Ida, who runs the laundromat, marine supplies, hardware, and gift shop. Of course we met some of the cruisers we'd heard on the Cruiseheimers SSB net, and surprisingly, a couple we met last October in Weems Creek, Annapolis. Everybody in town seemed to know we were here -- the only green boat in the anchorage. Happy with the situation, we decided we'll stay a while. A tour of the cove by kayak in the afternoon, a big barbeque dinner at Lorraine's that night and back to Anhinga.
Saturday we set off on foot to hike the paths inland. We wore ourselves out on dusty paths, scaling rocks on the ocean side of the island, and finding the inland creek near the cut. Maybe 6 or 7 miles later we straggled into town and checked email at Lorraine's. Exhausted we went back to the boat, missing the bocce ball game planned on the beach by some cruisers. We met the Annapolitan folks for sundowners and then after a quick dinner headed into town to dance at Scorpio's bar.
Sunday we expected the NEXT cold front. This never-ending series of fronts is getting tiring. But this one seems to have missed us as we ever so slowly inch our way to the Tropic of Cancer. We figured we'd go to the beach as everything in town was closed, and kayaked around the point headed south. From the chart, it looked like an easy couple of miles. Hah! Into the wind again with raging water. We almost turned back three times, but persevered and found a beautiful sand beach with clear water. Ahhhhh!!! The only ones on the beach, we swam, snorkeled, watched the sailboats crossing in the distance, and counted ourselves lucky. The Exumas are great!

Back Point, Great Guana Cay, Exuma Islands: +24° 5' 50.58", -76° 24' 17.28"


  1. John is looking mah-velous in the photo posted below. Sailing obviously agrees with you, or something does! Bill H

  2. Hey Guys. Sounds like your enjoying the Bahama's. Brings back fond memories of the spring break trip i took there with Dave grob and about 150 other WP cadets almost 40 years ago now! Enjoying the log entries.
    Cold fronts!?! Count your blessings we had another half of foot of snow in DC area this weekend with night time temps in the teens! Emjoy.