July 22-23, 2009... Final Journey Up New Jersey Coast

Started out the day really early in Atlantic City hoping to take advantage of the southerly winds promised by the National Weather Service. Those would help us get northeast to Sandy Hook - our intended destination. Well...once again the National Weather Service was wrong. We had wind on the nose from 6 am till noon. We tried a variety of creative things to get some sailing in. Jib? Main? Jib and main? Staysail? Motorsail? We did it all - some things worked better than others. By afternoon we got some favorable winds and sailed in the Atlantic Ocean! Today’s great sightings - dolphins and a pelican! (A pelican in New Jersey? Now that’s global warming.) So, by sundown we were near Asbury Park and there were fireworks! That was good as it took our minds off the fact that we were sailing at night for the first time... approaching New York City - the busiest port on the east coast. (There’s a fine line between tough and stupid.) But we were doing fine and there really wasn’t much ship traffic. We thought we had this down, until we realized that we hadn’t factored in the current at Sandy Hook. Slowed us down to less than 2 knots -- it took us almost three hours to go through the channel to the anchorage (BTW, did we mention it was dark?) We finally anchored at 2:30 am in Horseshoe Cove, Sandy Hook, NJ

Sandy Hook: +40° 26' 37.44", -73° 59' 56.58"

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