July 25, 2009... New York Transit

Today was a very big day. Anhinga visited the Big Apple! Waking early, we planned and synchronized our transit with the tides and currents at the Battery and Hell Gate. Crossing from New Jersey to the Verrazano Bridge was uneventful, and once through the Narrows, the New York Harbor was amazing. It proved easier to maneuver in than we thought. Huge ships were lying at anchor up the entire the harbor. The Statue of Liberty welcomed us as if we were turn-of-the-century immigrants. The New York skyline, while a little hazy, was beautiful. We arrived at the entrance to the East River an hour earlier than we thought. And, wouldn't you know it - Frank Sinatra was on the stereo singing New York, New York. Our planning worked and we had a 2-3 knot push up the river. At one point we hit speeds over 10 knots. Seeing all the landmarks from the water is truly a sight to behold. Passing under the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, 59th St Bridge and seeing the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the United Nations, and more was incredible. Turning through Hell Gate into the stretch to the Long Island Sound was a little challenging, but we did it! The day got warmer and we decided to anchor in Manhasset Bay to enjoy the fresh breeze and to rest on our laurels!

Manhasset Bay: +40° 48' 59.82", -73° 42' 35.58"
* approximate times


  1. we can't wait to see photos from your nyc pass...

  2. Amazing sailing through NY harbor, sounds great John, hope the sailing in the Sound is good.


  3. John, Any thought given to going on up the Hudson to our old "rockbound highland home"? Bill H