July 12, 2009... the voyage begins. But the story began years ago.

First we dreamt the dream of cruising, then we set the schedule - our 5-year plan. In late 2003 we decided to learn to sail, and went to Tortola to do it (why not learn in a beautiful place?). We spent the next couple of years chartering boats when we could take vacations from work. Though fun, not entirely satisfying. A chance meeting with a seasoned sailor convinced us. The only way to really learn to sail he said, was to buy a boat and “sail the hell out of it.” We went to Annapolis to find the right boat. In 2005 we bought a Pearson 33, and spent as many weekends and vacations as we could sailing the Chesapeake Bay. 2008 arrived, and on our plan it was the year to find our cruising boat; our future home. In July 2008 we found her in Deltaville, VA -- a 1988 Bristol 47.7.

Our Boat: Anhinga is a sloop/cutter center cockpit boat. The two previous owners kept her in immaculate condition, and the task was to make her ours. In our quest to be independent, safe, and comfortable, we added a solar array, watermaker, hard stern rails, dinghy davits, dinghy, mast steps, a Rocna anchor and modified bow roller, cockpit enclosure, and a new head. It takes a village to outfit a boat - in this case Annapolis - thanks to Andy, Rurik, Brian, Charlie, Greg, Robert, Cindy, and Tim for all your hard work through winter and spring 2009 to make our dream a reality. Thanks too to our dock neighbors, Bob, Don, Robert, Cindy, Kathy, and Jerry, for sage advice and encouragement.

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