July 26-27, 2009... Manhasset Bay and Port Washington

After arriving from our New York experience, we were happy to sit in the Manhasset Bay anchorage and chill out. However, our floating neighbors had other plans. On Saturdays, this is a big power boat raft up destination, with music and loud people. Some people left when the late afternoon storm came through, others before nightfall. By Sunday morning, there were only a handful of us left in the anchorage. The other activities in the Bay on weekends are the sailing regattas. The yacht clubs here seem to have nonstop races. It is really beautiful to watch the boats go up and down the Bay, but we really can do without all the constant cannon fire of the starting guns. But we went about our business. We dinghied to the Town Dock, tied up and walked to the Stop N Shop to replenish our food stocks and get a Sunday NY Times. Of course, only after stopping for coffee and a bialy. (After all, this is New York.) We explored the south end of the Bay by kayak, seeing herons, egrets and surprisingly, ospreys. The experience of the 7 foot tide is new to us, and watching the floating docks rise and fall is pretty entertaining. We had dinner ashore at a very good restaurant recommended to us by the Harbor Constable.

Monday, we were only one of two boats left in the anchorage. We explored the north end of the Bay by kayak and gawked at all the incredible mansions lining the Great Neck and Manorhaven shorelines. We took an afternoon walk in Port Washington and went all the way up the hill to the town and the LIRR train station. Of course it rained on us again (it seems to rain every day at 4pm here... is this the tropics??) But we got back to the boat without getting too wet. Then two hours later, as we were contemplating when to grill our tuna, all hell broke loose. A tremendous thunderstorm came through the Bay. “The tiny ship was tossed.” We spun on the anchor, we lost sight of land, there were huge waves where 10 minutes before there wasn’t even a ripple, and the dinghy was hobby horsing on the cleat. This seemed to last a long time, but it was probably only 5-10 minutes. No damage. But the crew was a little shaken. Well, we were wet again. But dinner and a beautiful sunset helped us forget the episode. Tomorrow we sail to Centerport to see some family there. Manhasset Bay is a place to come back to.

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