July 20, 2009... New Jersey Coast

After a day at anchor in Cape May, where we did such exciting things as laundry, buy diesel, and reward ourselves with a challenging kayak through the salt marsh (where we almost managed to ground ourselves...oy), we got up early this morning to make our way to our next anchorage - Atlantic City. Early winds were not favorable to sailing the northeasterly course, but as the day went on, we found our groove and managed to get some Atlantic Ocean sailing in. To top that off, we saw some more dolphins around our boat! And as a milestone in our technical portfolio, we made water while we were underway. We arrived in early evening in Abescon Inlet and anchored in a humongous current in the marina district of Atlantic City, just in the shadow of Harrah’s casino. It looks like everything in Atlantic City has been dwarfed by the casinos, including the lighthouse. This isn’t a very beautiful place, but a convenient stopover as we make our way north. We plan to go see our friends at the Coast Guard station tomorrow morning to see about options for the rest of New Jersey.

Atlantic City NJ - 39d23'N 74d25'W

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