June 28, 2010... Guadeloupe, En Fin!

We left St. Kitts Sunday afternoon for the voyage south to Guadeloupe. Yes, another overnight. The last one for a great while. Best thing about the voyage - no rain, no squalls. But not enough wind to sail either, so we motorsailed most of the time. We had a full moon and stars -- including the Southern Cross. Highlights of the trip: seeing the 'Kingdom of Redonda' (a large rock with a curious story attached) and Montserrat, an island with an active volcano (though not while we passed thankfully). But the best came last -- as we were motoring into the bay at Deshaies this morning, we passed a whale! First we just saw its back, flat against the water, and then it came up to spout. We hoped for another chance to see it, but it swam away without letting us identify what kind of whale it was. And no photo op.
Anchoring in Deshaies, a fishing village on the northwest coast of Guadeloupe, we cleaned up and dinghied to town. What a beautiful little place -- really just a couple of streets with a red roofed white church on the hill that chimes every 15 minutes. We searched out Customs to check in, which was an unusually pleasant experience. And we had a fabulous lunch in one of the open air restaurants overlooking the harbor. We may have to try them all... All the shops are closed midday, so we waited for the small supermarket to open to buy tonight's dinner: French wine, French cheese, and French bread. Vive La France!

Deshaies, Guadeloupe: +16° 18' 24.54", -61° 47' 47.34"

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  1. what about french fries and french toast? ;-)