June 17-20, 2010... St. John, Wet!

Thursday we hiked to the Taino petroglyphs that are about 1000 years old.  We kayaked to the VI Environmental Research Station dock and walked from there.  Just as we reached the dock the skies opened.  We were now set to have rain off and on throughout the weekend.  (Some of it real gully washers that cleaned our deck very nicely.)  The hike was through some pretty challenging terrain, and if we stopped to look around or rest, we were attacked by insects.  The petroglyphs were well worth the 'jungle' walk.  The pool reflects the petroglyphs making for some interesting images.
Friday we took the bus to Cruz Bay.  This first required that we walk a couple of miles to Salt Pond on steep roads.  The bus was exactly on time, and gave us some great views of the island from the Centerline Road.  The trip was around 45 minutes and we had fun in town.  The bus ride back was a kick as the driver took the pinturns without even slowing down.  Friday night the skies opened wide and we were deluged.  Glad to be back at the boat.  Happier still that this tropical disturbance didn't amount to much more than rain, rain, rain.

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