June 22, 2010... False Start to St. Kitts

Monday we picked up John's sunglasses (left behind in FL) at the post office in Cruz Bay (thanks for sending Renee!), got back to the boat, and readied for the passage to St. Kitts on Tuesday morning -- raised the kayak and dinghy, hanked on the staysail, and locked down anything that could move.  Tuesday we were up and off the mooring by 5:30am for the 24-30 hour trip.  Motorsailed out of Lameshur Bay and didn't like what we found out on the ocean.  Just as the weather service said, we found 'rough and hazardous' seas.  So, we turned back and picked up a mooring at Saltpond Bay -- one mile to the east of where we started!  Feeling defeated (but safe) we took naps.  We didn't feel that badly for too long, as by early afternoon the sun (!!) came out and we jumped in for a swim and snorkel.  We were rewarded with our first-ever octopus sighting.  Little guy, but cool.  We figure the weather window opens Friday.  So we'll hang on to this mooring for a few days, snorkel, kayak, and hike, and then try our luck again out there.
Saltpond Bay, St. John:  +18° 18' 29.10", -64° 42' 24.36"

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