June 15, 2010... Back to the Beginning

This morning we decided to leave Leinster Bay and sail around the east end of St. John to Coral Bay.  Winds were ESE, so we tacked back and forth across the Sir Francis Drake Channel going between the USVI and BVI around 5 times.  A beautiful sail, bringing back sweet memories of the first time we sailed the BVI.  It was seven years ago; we took a one-week liveaboard class from Rob Swain and fell in love with sailing.  That was the beginning of the dream.  Look at us now!
Going into Coral Bay (which is about 3 miles across) we investigated several places before picking up a mooring that provided shelter from the considerable swell.  Taking the kayak out John spotted a couple of turtles and we watched the pelicans divebombing for fish.  We were able to get really close to them, they didn't seem to mind us at all.  In fact, one hit and caught a fish only about four feet in front of the kayak.  Big splash!  Back at Anhinga we had a tarpon hiding out under the keel, and John spotted our first bananaquit!  Cute little yellow bird flew by our boat.  You know, this just doesn't get old.
Coral Bay, St. John:  +18° 20' 45.24", -64° 41' 30.96"

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  1. Welcome home, to your "sailing home." Bill H