June 13-14, 2010... Onto the Next Bay

Eastbound on the north coast of St. John, a tiny bit further down, we spent Sunday and Monday on a mooring in Leinster Bay.  This was pretty cool, because the mooring ball was right next to Waterlemon Cay -- one of the best snorkeling sites -- allowing us to jump off the boat and swim over to the reef.  There was a bit of current, but that worked in our favor when we wanted to just drift over the coral trying to take in all the different colors, forms, and fish.  There were gorgeous purple sea fans, tawny elkhorn coral right next to the surface, and the biggest parrotfish we've seen, feeding in packs.  Also, long lines of black spiny sea urchins, sometimes so close to the surface we had to back away so we wouldn't get stuck.  We were also able to kayak the length of the bay to the mangrove area where we were able to actually hear the birds singing.  Though this mooring field is in a park area, it is very popular, so there are lots of people talking/yelling, moored boat generators humming, and dinghies moving in all directions.  It finally gets quiet at sunset when the daytrippers go home.  And those sunsets!

Leinster Bay, St. John:  +18° 21' 50.58", -64° 43' 30.72"

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