June 12, 2010... Land Tour, St. John

Patti picked up a cold, so we decided to stay out of the water on Saturday and go see what was on land in St. John.  After paying the 'iron ranger' in Francis Bay for the mooring, we beached the dinghy and headed out for a hike.  First we took the Francis Bay Trail around the mangrove swamp -- cool, beautiful walk through the mangroves; then slowly going up the hill for a great view of the Bay.  Back to the road, we walked to the Annaberg Sugar Mill getting wonderful views of Tortola and other islands of the BVI.  The mill and other factory building ruins were really interesting, especially when looking at the materials used for construction.  Some of the blocks were carved from coral and you can clearly see the outlines of the coral polyp holes in the rock.  The vegetation is so dense, it is hard to believe these hills were once all planted in sugar cane.  And we were lucky enough to see a small American kestrel, apparently a common bird around here.  Walked back to Francis Bay; another magnificent day in paradise.

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