March 5, 2010... Underway Again

Today we left George Town for Thompson Bay, Long Island. It felt strange to pick up the anchor after about 2 and 1/2 weeks in one spot. Never even had to reset after too many cold fronts to count. John spent 5 days alone for two of those fronts while Patti took a quick trip back to Delray Beach to see family. During that time George Town was out of diesel fuel at the dock, so John ferried 75 gallons of diesel to the boat by jerry can from the gas station. Don't you know, the barge came in to the dock the next day. That's life. Our last memorable event in George Town was the rake 'n' scrape at Eddie's Edgewater. The Bahamian music was terrific -- a saw never sounded so good. We danced with the crowd. The ride back to the boat by dinghy was also memorable -- John's pants are probably still not dry from the soaking.
Today's 40-mile trip to Long Island started out a little rough with 6-ft swells on the Exuma Sound, but once we were on the bank headed SE, and protected from the waves, we sailed along gracefully. It has been a long time since we sailed and it felt good to stretch the canvas a little. The sun was shining, the water was beautiful, and friends were awaiting our arrival in the anchorage.
Thompson Bay, Long Island: +23° 21' 19.14", -75° 8' 34.44"

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