March 10-13, 2010... Clarence Town, Long Island

We stayed in Clarence Town harbor to await the weather window east. What a nice little town with wonderful, warm people happy to help with any problem you may have. While here we were able to take a few walks and see the sights: beautiful churches, blazing bougainvillea, and cute little goats that wander everywhere. The Ministry of Agriculture Packing House is an oasis for locally grown fresh produce. The small cays surrounding the harbor have pretty beaches excellent for shelling. We were at Salt Pond Cay wandering around enjoying the scenery when our dinghy decided to float off the beach (we keep forgetting to take that dingy anchor with us!!) Well, the tide had come in higher and earlier than we expected and off we ran to intercept the boat before it headed to the Atlantic. We successfully captured the Rifka-Itzy and tied it to a stake in the ground. Our excitement for the day. The best thing about being here in the south of Long Island is that it is actually HOT!! And the water is too. We now feel like we are in the tropics. But, we are really looking forward to our next phase of the journey as we head out tomorrow morning for Turks & Caicos to stage for the hop down to Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

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  1. Awesome trip you guys are having!!! I would love to be able to meet up with you guys somewhere along the way.