March 14-15, 2010... Leaving the Bahamas (Part I)

We were up early to make our 7am departure from Clarence Town. Since this was the day with the time change, it was darker than we had gotten used to, and overcast. Out of the harbor (pretty bumpy ride with the wind and swells coming at us) with two other boats all making the trek southeast. The winds encouraged us at first and we sailed a bit, but soon they died down to absolutely nothing. So we motorsailed. This was what the weather gurus call 'light and variable' winds - our anemometer registered 00. When the sails started complaining because we couldn't keep them full no matter how we turned, we took them down for the night passage and motored. The sky was clear and and the stars were out from horizon to horizon. Pretty night to be out. Not much to see on the trip - a few birds, flying fish, but nothing else. Very few boats too. We slowed the boat to make sure we got to the anchorage in daylight as it has its share of coral. No trouble anchoring here in Abraham's Bay, Mayaguana. Tonight we leave for Turks & Caicos.
Oh - one note from Clarence Town. We forgot to mention the turtles that swim near the entrance to the town harbor. They were really terrific to see -- about a foot to two feet in size. When approaching them by dinghy, they stick their heads up to take a look at you, then keep on swimming. First turtles on our tour!

Abraham's Bay, Mayaguana: +22° 20' 0.30", -73° 2' 22.68"

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